Our Beliefs


1. We believe….there are easier, more productive, profitable and enjoyable ways to do business, but it can be too hard to see when you’re stuck in the detail and day to day running of your business.


2. We believe….there are two sides to running a business; practical and psychological.

  • Practical areas such as improving your marketing and finances.
  • Pyschological factors around behaviours and habits you’ve developed over time, such as your ability to ‘let go’ when the busy has felt like your ‘baby’ for the past few years.
  • We believe both need to be looked at if you want to move forward.


3. We believe…. that to coach and consult others, the team at Drill need to have experienced the building and running their own business to empathise and understand some of the challenges and pressures you face.


4. We believe… there are lots of specialist, talented people out there, but they just don’t know how to harness that potential and passion into a successful business.


5. We believe…that most people know ‘what’ the main problems are with their businesses (whether they admit to themselves or not!) but struggle with knowing what to focus on, finding the time and knowing how to change it to move forward.


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