Better Leader in 2 Hours Workshop

The ‘How to be a Better Leader in 2 Hours’ workshop is a taster session for entrepreneurs, business owners and people new to a leadership role.

You’re already good at what you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be in the position you’re in – but you want to be even better and look at improving some of your core leadership skills. Whether it be strategic thinking, delegating effectively, influencing and motivating others to follow you or simply knowing where to focus your energy, time and money.

Some of the challenges you may be facing:

  • How do I keep out of the detail and focus on the ‘bigger picture’?
  • Influencing others and inspiring them to follow you
  • Motivating others when not feeling positive yourself

The Be a Better Leader in 2 Hours workshop focuses on these challenges and provides you with practical tools and techniques in the session and to use immediately when you’re back in the business.

The workshop is a taster session for the Lead the Way programme.

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“I really value and enjoy every meeting with Susie. She is a brilliant business coach who makes you feel listened to, understood and good at what you do. I leave the sessions having greater clarity on my challenges and issues and with a clear set of actions to move forward. I always say it’s like having business therapy!”

Rebecca Kane, Programme Manager, LBi

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