• Need a Breakthrough?

    Big ideas and plans for the future but making slow progress? Get focused and achieve more in less time than ever before.  Find out more...

Plans to achieve more with your business but not getting there yet? Have an idea of where you want the business to get to but feeling like it’s slow progress?

The Breakthrough programme helps entrepreneurs and founding partners realise their ambitious plans. During the sessions you will gain;

  1. Clarity and FOCUS on your vision and direction for the business
  2. Identify where the key opportunity is for your business and understand what the real obstacles are that are holding you back
  3. Develop your own 90 day action plan to achieve more in less time than ever before

The sessions are tailored to suit each business but typically look like:

  • 1 hour Discovery Session – where we agree the areas that will make the most impact on your business
  • 1/2 day Business Breakthrough Session – identify opportunities and obstacles AND create 90 day action plan
  • 6 x 90 min sessions – 6 Follow up sessions to keep you focused, on track and achieving more than ever before in the business

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“Working with Susie was like having someone switch a light on in my business.  Where I had been struggling to get clarity, after a 3 hour consultation with Susie I had more direction and focus than I have had in months.  Using a structured method for working through the key elements of the business we were quickly able to see what ‘fit’ and what didn’t.  The breakthrough session and followup really allowed me to accelerate my business with ease.  We accomplished in 3 hours what I would have expected to achieve in 2 days.”

Julie Hall, Founder Women Unlimited Worldwide

“Our drill sessions with Susie are brilliant. She is always fully engaged, personable and easy to talk to whilst keeping you focused on the task in hand. Her understanding and experience of running a business means she is is able to analyse from both a business, emotional and creative view point.”

Laura Roxburgh,  Co-Founder, Dorset School of Acting