Want to change something about the business but not sure which way to go or how to go about changing? We work with companies to launch new brands, reposition themselves, change direction and grow.

If you’re going to drill for gold, you need to decide where the best place is to start drilling. Whilst all of our consultancy projects are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, we start with the Exploration stage to determine where best to focus all of our time and efforts to make the biggest difference to your business.


Exploration Stage

We look at where you are with the company currently and most importantly, where you want to go to. We specialise in working with people who have big, ambitious dreams and helping them to make those ideas happen.

We talk to you about where you see the business heading and what your plans are for the future as well as what’s happening now. Typically we’d look at the following areas during this initial stage:-


  • What’s your existing proposition and core offering?
  • Where are your existing and potential customers?
  • Where’s the opportunity in the market?
  • What are the obstacles that are holding the business back?
  • What direction do you want take your brand in?

Product & Service Creation Stage

Once we’ve worked with you on where you want to be and where you are now, we get to work on helping you get there. For some companies we look at how you can package up new products and services. For others it’s about fine tuning the messaging and marketing strategies that sit behind existing products and services.

  • Defining your positioning
  • Customer mapping and business development strategies
  • Creation and packaging of new products/services
  • Developing key communication messaging
  • Product and Marketing Strategies & Plans

Structure, Process & Team Stage

Creating structure and processes to drive change and scale for growth.  Assessing what processes you have in place currently and how your operations are working. Looking at the team you need to build and manage to move the business forward

  • How is the company currently operating?
  • What processes are in place?
  • What structure needs to be in place to support growth or change in the business?
  • Where do the Directors need to focus their time and efforts to build the business and what needs to change?
  • Who do you need in place? What type of skills, experience and qualities do they need to help you focus on the priorities?
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