Eastbury Manor House

Eastbury Manor House

Eastbury Manor House


The Challenge

How do you make a beautiful, historic property, financially resilient with limited resources and a challenging market?

The Solution

We knew we needed to understand both audiences of visitors and potential commercial partners to determine what new offering packages should be developed.  We started with reviewing visitor trends and current financial performance to identify patterns and see how and where income was currently being generated. In reviewing competitor offerings and talking directly to visitors, commercial users and in-house teams, we could see which services really appealed, what was missing for the audience and how services could be supported with existing resources.

By creating new services, we could easily identify which channels would be best to use to market these, how reciprocal partners could support marketing activity and how Eastbury could manage the new offerings without increasing pressure on existing resources. In streamlining some of their existing offerings and create new smarter ones we were able to identify how income targets could be met and where the business need to focus their time and effort over the next 3 years.

The Results

A clear and realistic 3 year Commercial Development plan that provided clarity on where Eastbury needed to focus their time, budget and resources. By streamlining existing service offerings and creating new ones which could be marketed through specific channels, we were ensuring this beautiful historic house is financially resilient, self sustaining and able to stay open for the local community.

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