The Two Maria’s

The Challenge

The Two Maria’s, previously named Studio+44, were looking to re-brand their digital production agency. But needed to know – how do you reposition a digital agency in a market which is being commoditisied and constantly driven down on price?

The Solution

We went back to the heart of the business – what did their customers love most about them? Why would they pay to work with them again and again? What would make them choose The Two Maria’s over any other production agency?

In talking directly to new and potential customers in the industry, we were able to gather valuable insights which led us to understand a) where the industry was heading and b) what customers really wanted and what they now perceived as commodity services. Combining this research with a review of their offerings and marketing messages, helped us redefine their positioning, core offering and services.

The Results

A re-branded agency with a clearly defined position in the market and new insights to fuel growth.

“We commissioned a Market Analysis to Susie, whom we have worked with in the past, and we have been greatly impressed with her work. As a result she delivered an analysis and repositioning that covered exactly what we needed for our business, and which we’ve been able to use in many areas of our company’s growing process. We will definitely approach Susie again for future collaborations. Her efficiency and professionalism are outstanding.”

Maria Blasi, Founder & Operations Director, The Two Marias

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